How to Fix Printer When Offline?

Printers are seen as the most powerful computer peripherals and are used for printing text and photos. The printer is an extraneous hardware output device that can take the electronic data stored in a computer or alternative device and makes a hard copy of it. 

E.g. if you create a report on your computer, you can print many copies for your official use. But what if they cause errors? Owing to this, we have created a post related to how to fix the printer when offline in straightforward steps.

When you try to print something in the Windows operating system and it does not print, the problem can be because the printer is offline.

You won’t be able to print until the printer is online. For turning your printer online, you frequently have to turn on your printer & stand by for a few seconds for the printer to change its status from offline to online.

Sadly, changing the status of your printer from online to offline is not noticeable. The printer may continue offline indeed if it is connected with PC and it turned on. 

There can be many reasons why windows are not detecting the printer connected to the network or the computer, and we will advise you a few solutions to them. Let’s look at how to fix the printer when offline.

Handling Printer Software

If your printer is getting offline, you can make use of the printer software that takes place with it. These points will be good to find the printer possible on the network & fix problems making the printer offline. Seeing the support website of your printer for downloading the software is flexible. 

E.g. If you are practicing a Canon printer, you can operate to support website & type in the model number for downloading the software needed to maintain & manage your canon printer. This applies to all printer models.

When you run the software, you will discover that the status of printer that is connected to the computer & will offer increasing details of your printer like the level of ink in the tank, paper in a try to so on.

In fact, you are not persuaded that your printer software is suggested on your computer or not, you can establish this by looking at the settings>devices>printers & scanners. In fact, you use Windows 10 OS, it will list you out of the printers that are connected with your computer. 

If the software package is available to manage the connected printer, it would expose in the accessible app section of your device. Now get on the printer & again click on manage to reach the open printer app button.

Setup the Printer to Online Mode

The second procedure for identifying how to fix the printer when offline is by setting up the printer to online mode. In a few instances, if your printer is connected online, the wrong configuration of settings may stop you from running it. 

For seeing at this, you may open the printer queue by continuing to devices & printers in cPanel and thus double-clicking on the printer. You may need to click on the printer showed up in the menu bar & uncheck the “use printer offline” and pause printing checkboxes.

Power Cycle Technique- How to Fix Printer When Offline

The third point you can do before getting hard in the tools and settings is by working to power cycle the printer and computer. Now you know how to fix the printer when offline. All you demand is to turn off your computer and printer. 

Now power on the printer & stick around until it relates back to the network. If you are using a USB cable for connecting the printer, stand by until the printer is worked out with the start process.

Afterward, the printer is in it’s on the state; you can turn on the computer for seeing if the printer is still offline. If the printer is in its offline mode, make sure that your printer is turned off completely & not in the power-saving mode. 

If you don’t know about this, the most perfect would be to unplug the printer and wait for 30 seconds before plugging it again.

Checkup the Printer Port

If nothing has worked for you, the problem may be with the port configuration of the printer. This relates to a network printer that includes an IP address. The main cause of this issue could be a change in the IP address of your printer and port configuration pointing to the old IP address of the printer. 

If this is the situation, you take finding the IP address of the printer. This can be done by printing the network setup page of the printer. 

Once you get the IP address, you can call on control panel>select devices & printers>right click on the printer you require troubleshooting. Choose your printer properties, not the properties button located at the bottom. 

Prefer the ports tab and scroll down for reaching the port, which is checked. Select it & click on to set up the port. A dialog box will open and it will let you recognize the IP address that it knows as assigned to the printer. 

How to Fix Printer When Offline

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