Why Mac Printer is Not Connected?

You would remember that sometimes offline status appears on Mac when you try to pick up a printout. It says that the mac operating system cannot communicate with the connected printer & this error is annoying for sure. 

This can only because the printer is turned off or an USB connection is loose and you would think that why mac printer is not connected? To get rid of this error, you need to read the explanations presented in this post.

Step 1- Checking the Printer to PC Connectivity

This would surely be the initial step for checking why the Mac printer is not connected? When your printer offline error appears on any operating system, this one is the original thing. Make sure you follow the steps below. Make sure the printer is connected and to do this, you can check by seeing the list of devices on your system. 

Step 2- Checking the USB Printer Connectivity

  • Turn off the printer by forcing the power button & wait for about 5 seconds. 
  • Unplug USB cable that is connected with a device from behind.
  • Turn on the printer, it may begin printing the queue documents so wait for it to complete this and turn it on silent mode before progressing well or call the Mac Technicians for any doubt.
  • Now wait for about five seconds and reconnect the cable with your printer. Ensure the cable is firmly on the USB port of the printer. If it starts to print, let it complete it before moving on to the next step.
  • Now retry printing, if it prints also, you are good to go. 

Step 3- Checking the Wireless Printer Connectivity

  • Check the wireless printer connectivity when your Mac printer is not connected. Turn off and on the printer & wait for it to be silent.
  • If the connection does not come back after restarting the printer, try the same for the router after closing all the activities on the network. For restarting the router, initially unplug it from the power source and wait for 10 seconds.
  • Afterwards you connect the router with a power socket, just stand by for it to establish a connection with the Internet. A light will display indicating the connection, now ensuring that before following.
  • Now reboot the personal computer and wait for it to turn inactive. Once it starts to restart, click on the apple icon and choose system preferences. Now click on printers & scanners to open the list of printers installed on mac.
  • If you can select your printer from the device list, thus it means it is connected. If the printer is not showing up on the list and you have no options for making it appear, then network connection is causing printer offline issue.

An easy way to fix the mac printer is not connected error is by calling the Mac Printer Technicians at their toll-free support number. 

They are possible out there 24 hours and 7 days. All your inquiries will be conducted with utmost efforts and any printer error will be resolved easily as they have been working for years.

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